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Katherine Todd

For Sedona City Council


About Katherine

I am absolutely thrilled to call Sedona home! Like many of us, I was enchanted by the ​breathtaking beauty and irresistible charm of a small-town community. I’ve enjoyed ​embracing Sedona’s beauty, becoming involved, and being a part of this wonderful ​community.

Originally hailing from the Seattle area, my husband and I were actively involved in the ​community for years. We volunteered and supported the Union Gospel Mission, providing ​essentials like clothing, food, and toiletries to those in need. Our community involvement has ​extended to Sedona, where I have volunteered at the Humane Society and even welcomed two ​furry friends into our family. Additionally, we have become involved with, and support, the ​Verde Valley Sanctuary & Steps to Recovery Homes.

While raising our two children, I embarked on a journey as an artist in Kirkland, WA, eventually ​serving as President of the Parklane Gallery and overseeing gallery renovations. I started a new ​role at a mobile apps company in 2015. Because of my analytical mindset and attention to detail ​I have been placed in roles that helped hone my skills as a problem solver. I thrive in ​departments facing challenges, assessing what works and what doesn't, engaging ​stakeholders, and crafting optimal solutions. I’m eager to apply these skills to the Sedona City ​Council.

I am a welcoming, empathetic thinker who firmly believes in the power of creative problem-​solving and listening to others' perspectives. I see Sedona's potential to transition from a ​tourist destination back to a flourishing, close-knit community. With my dedication and ​expertise, I’m excited to be part of the Sedona City Council, working hand in hand with ​residents to build a prosperous future together.

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Residents First

Re​sidents First

Sedona residents should ​have the strongest voice in ​what happens in our ​community. It is essential that ​the decisions affecting our ​beautiful city are made by ​those who call it home, not by ​external corporations or ​individuals.

Cu​ltural Park

The Cultural Park should be ​revitalized into a dynamic hub ​for community engagement & ​enjoyment for the residents. ​We need places for the ​community to come together ​and enjoy time with our ​neighbors and family!!

Housing S​train

Housing in all of Arizona has​ been strained in the last sev​eral years. The issue is not​ endemic to Sedona alone. We ​need to work together wit​h the surrounding cities to com​e up with solutions that are​ cost effective and actually wor​k.

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Residents Should have a Voice

  • Residents' concerns are my priority
  • Sedona is fortunate to have many experienced residents who ​hold valuable insights into our city's challenges and ​opportunities
  • I'm committed to leveraging our community's expertise to ​address our city's challenges effectively
  • Empower the community by giving them a voice in the ​decision-making process
  • Together, we can find the best solutions for our community!!!



Resident Round-Tables & Meet & Greets

  • I want to give the Residents the opportunity to voice what ​matters most to them!
  • Residents need to understand the issues from all sides to come ​to the most informed compromise. I’m tired of hearing our ​leaders say that once they are elected, it is their choice on how ​to run our city.
  • We need more dialogue between the residents and the city. No ​one is going to 100% agree with every decision that has to be ​made, but we should understand the pros/cons of why ​decisions are made.
  • Empower the community by giving them a voice in the ​decision-making process
  • Together, we can find the best solutions for our community!!!
  • See Contact Page for events!

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Sedona has an opportunity to preserve Open Space

  • The site of the Cultural Park is one of the last opportunities to create an amazing outdoor ​community space to pass down to our future generations.
  • The Cultural Park can be our own “Central Park”. If NY had not preserved that open-​space, private interests would have destroyed the beauty and access would have been ​limited.
  • The Cultural Park has a lot of Bedrock & building on Bedrock is much more expensive ​(see WA Post article​need-know-if-you-plan-build-bedrock/)
  • Residents are craving places to gather, to meet neighbors, and to create community
  • We need safe walking paths for those with limited mobility and for our most vulnerable ​residents
  • This is our opportunity to create a TRUE gathering place for residents. We have the ​space to create the following blessings for our community.
    • Playground
    • Pickle Ball courts
    • Gardens
    • Paved walking paths
    • Reservable Covered Areas
    • Areas for Group Exercise
    • Look into reviving a music venue for local & national artists



Arizona’s Housing Inventory is Strained

  • The housing market statewide is under strain, including in our city
  • However, becoming a landlord carries significant maintenance costs and ​bureaucratic burdens
  • If we're investing substantial funds, it must benefit the most people without ​creating future expenses
  • Solutions should also consider neighboring communities
  • Building within the city is costlier, and we shouldn't presume people must reside ​here
  • It's about making the greatest impact, not asserting city exclusivity
  • In order to make the most impact we should not be adverse to people ​commuting from the surround areas
  • The Dells, a 200+ acre parcel owned by Sedona, offers lower construction costs ​due to the topography. It's prime for collaboration with developers for an excep​tional project. This initiative should prioritize mixed-income housing to foster a c​aring community, promoting safety for everyone. Concentrating lower-​income individuals solely in specific areas isn't conducive to their well-bein​g. We've witnessed in other communities that exclusively low-income housing can ​create neighborhoods not in their residents' best interest. Through this​ vision, the Dells can transform into an ecologically sound, thoughtfully planned com​munity, featuring diverse housing options, parks, recreation areas, and more.
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Housing ​Strain

Voice of the Residents

  • Because I strongly believe that the key to coming up with creative ​solutions is tapping into the collective wisdom of Sedona’s residents, I ​would like to meet with residents who have innovative ideas in ​different areas crucial for crafting inventive solutions.
  • If you would like to attend a Round-Table event, please email me. ​Each session will tackle a specific issue listed alongside the ​date/time. Please reference which event you would like to attend. ​As spots fill, more dates will be added. Session subject may be ​amended based on interest.
  • Come prepared with an open mind and well-considered ideas.
  • Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas!!

Email Address

Phone Number



Join me Tuesday, June 11, 6-7:30pm

Sedona Public Library

Community Room

3250 White Bear Road Sedona, AZ 86336